White Fire OG

White Fire OG, part of BudgetBuds, is quite popular in the West. It’s an effective synthetic stretch for the control of daytime discomfort. The THC amount is insane, at 22-30% THC. If you’re looking for the hard-hitting and full-bodied, the White Fire OG is your strain.


According to Ganjaexpress.to “BUY MORE, SAVE MORE,” White Fire OG users, also known as Wifi OG, is part of the BudgetBuds line-up and tend to enjoy the mental and euphoric emotional stimulus that this strain provides. Stimulating and fast, this strain is ideal for use in the morning. While optimistic, this strain also creates a relaxing feeling. Beware, though, of consuming so many. Strong THC content indicates that someone with lower cannabis resistance can feel very nervous or dizzy.


The effects of White Fire are significant. It’s sativa-dominant, but OG’s past still gives the blend some strong suggestive effect. The entire experience is head-to-toe, with continuous relaxation of the body and sensory sensations. It’s not uncommon for people to notice a very pleasant light-headed sensation, particularly in the head.

The results of the body should be set in relatively quickly and will become increasingly apparent as high progresses. Many Ganjaexpress.to ‘BUY MORE, SAVE MORE’ customers say that the effects are more visible, but they do have more mental energy than the standard Kush strain.

White Fire OG has pulmonary-expanding qualities. This is not uncommon for the most experienced users to develop cough after this strain. Smoke and fog tend to be dark, milky. White Fire OG buds are, however, more fuzzy than dense.


As per Ganjaexpress.to ‘BUY MORE, SAVE MORE,’ the popularity of this strain is attributed in no small part due to its medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana users can expect other conditions in order to obtain relief from this strong combination.

  • Many Pain patients prefer this cannabis strain with a pain-relieving effect without brain disruption
  • Wifi OG is a popular stain for cancer patients who often appreciate enhanced THC
  • Patients unable to control their appetite will certainly notice this cannabises strain causing theme munchies.
  • Patients that have glaucoma and eye pain can also experience relaxation due to psychoactive impact.

If you want to enjoy a good cannabis strain to trigger a powerful mind sense and euphoric emotional pleasure, Please visit Ganjaexpress.to ‘BUY MORE, SAVE MORE’ and buy White Fire OG at a very fair price and save more.



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