What Is Shatter

What Is Shatter? Why Do Users Love Shatter so Much?
Cannabis connoisseurs who are looking for a near-instant, heavy-hitting high are turning to shatter, a cannabis concentrate that delivers a huge hit of THC and cannabinoids quickly. This smooth, golden to amber colored glassy concentrate is wildly potent, wonderful for medicinal use and as pure as you can get.
​What is shatter? Shatter is a form of dabs aka. a cannabis concentrate that’s created by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD, a marijuana plant’s psychoactive and healing components. Extraction of concentrates requires a solvent — usually butane, carbon dioxide, or propane — through cannabis flowers in order to extract those precious medicinal cannabinoids. Once extracted, the solvent is then evaporated which leaves the more-valuable-than-gold resins behind.
The name “shatter” describes the beautiful leftover resin which cools into a golden to amber colored translucent sheet, think hard caramel candy, that shatters when you drop it.
Shatter is the most potent of all the concentrates because it’s more pure due to an extra filtration process to further refine it. This purification process removes extra fats and waxes as well as terpenes, which makeup marijuana’s flavor and scent. All of which create a highly clarified product which appeals to a purist who wants only the medicinal value of cannabis and to feel the effects instantly.
To consume shatter safely and effectively, you need the correct setup with the right equipment in order to activate the concentrated cannabinoids. A fair amount of thought should be put into the components when building or buying the ideal dab rig. Most people dab their shatter using a titanium nail whereas other people may use quartz nails or other materials.It’s all about preference. While quartz is less durable than titanium, it heats up much faster than titanium and offers a cleaner taste. Users heat the nail to about 575-625 degrees Fahrenheit or 301-329 Celsius with a butane torch then use a metal dabber (heat-proof toothpick) to apply a ball of shatter to the nail. The result is instant vaporization which means a near instantaneous and powerful high.
We found Shatter lovers all over the world, here’s what they had to say about why dabbing shatter:
“I went from 3 grams a day of flower, to .5g a day shatter. Flower cost me about $650 month @$7/gram. Shatter costs about $450 a month @ $30/gram. Plus with shatter you dont stink all the time and I can hit one nice dab which takes about 2 mins to get medicated vs spending 15 mins smoking a joint.”
Blair – Denver, Colorado
“Nobody knows I smoke weed anymore cause the smell is basically gone.”
Jeff – Vancouver, BC
“I find rosin and shatter much smoother/healthier and sustainable. Since stopping flower, I feel better. The effects from 0.5g/day of extracts are much more medicinal and therapeutic to me than the 2.5g/day of flower. Perhaps my needs are just different, but I don’t find that flower scratches that itch, and I’m always chasing a slight buzz, instead of getting railed by a nice dab with my e-nano! Convection dabs for me all the way. Saving money and health has improved greatly!”
Anonymous – USA
“I’m a 35 year joint smoker and I made the switch to concentrates already! I much prefer vaporizing/e-nail and the cost of concentrates has steadily been going down. With so many wholesale offerings out there cost is negligible. Have to say I NEVER thought I would stop smoking doobies but between shatter and budder I’m good to go!”
Rob – Edmonton, Alberta
“Best option for me, a 10-year herb smoker, shatter over bud anyday. I mix in some green buds for social smoking.”
Anonymous – Canada
“I can vape a gram all day, but most days use even less, at $5/g that’s like the price of a coffee.”
Jennifer – Halifax, Nova Scotia
“If you toke regularly shatter and concentrates are just nicer on your lungs in the long term. Way less plant material being vaped/burnt.”
James – Kelowna, BC
“I spend so much less now that I use concentrates.”
Gen – Toronto, ON
“Shatter has hidden costs as it requires maintenance on equipment that I can’t be bothered with. To those who need huge joints over 0.5gr to get buzzed, I guess shatter can be an option to save time.”
Anonymous – Canada
“I smoked shatter for about a month and found that I still had a ton of shatter left and was always high. The only downside is that you had to clean your coils, and you need to be indoors to enjoy it properly but you are high as fuck and it’s cheaper.”
Kevin – Nanaimo, BC
If you ever wondered, what is shatter? We hope this article has shed some light on this very special concentrate that is growing in popularity throughout Canada and the US.
While some people may be intimidated but the potency of shatter, don’t let it deter you from the potential therapeutic effects or the overall experience. If you’re new to cannabis consumption we strongly advise that you save shatter until you’re more experienced. When you start, dose lightly to learn your tolerance. If you are looking for a potent, quick-acting, pure, discreet form of cannabis, then shatter could be right for you

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