If quality marijuana is what you’re looking for then Tale of Two strains is your ideal marijuana joint. With amazing reviews from our customers, you are bound to have a liking towards our edible candies especially since we’re Canada’s most trusted online dispensary.

Cherry Bomb

Tale of Two strains THC gummies are the right amount of flavor and THC. If the scent and flavor of cherries is the ideal taste to tantalize your taste buds, then you should definitely experiment with our famous Cherry Bomb. You will be entertained with ten other flavors and the perfect quantity of THC to let things smooth over. Quite frankly, the combination of cherries and THC has never been better.

Fruit Pack

Let go of all your worries and pain by finding solace in the consumption of THC in the form of Tale of Two strains fruit gummies. The best part of it all is the variety of flavors that will never leave you bored. You, therefore, combine relaxation and satisfaction all in one. That’s the reason why our users hardly get bored as they have found the ideal THC and fruit composition.

Strawberry Daze

Who doesn’t love the smell and intensity of strawberries? There’s always been something soothing about strawberries; however, it’s time to imagine the mixture of strawberries and THC. The burst of the flavor of strawberries followed by a gentle kick of THC, our users, tend to favor the product. So why not order some strawberry daze and prepare to let go of all your stresses and unanimously get dazed.

Rainbow Sherbet

Get your THC viewed in a colorful sight. It’s pretty to look at and even better when you taste it. So you end up with a great looking product that tastes amazing and helps calm the nerves. The explosive flavor is bound to make you feel good even before the THC hits your system; after all, the Tale of Two strains aims to provide quality

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