Want to see what other product has weed-like high? Did you use mushrooms for a daily reduction of anxiety? Then you must also know that dried mushrooms have very similar THC effects when it comes to buzz and psychoactive effects. They have been known to work for 2-3 days.  Doob dasher are an online dispensary, providing different THC products on the show for over a decade. This dispensary provides the best therapeutic cannabis and related products to all who need it.


These dried mushrooms are pretty popular, and they have different stages directly related to the dosing and potency. There are almost six trips you can take on blue meanies.

  • Trip level 0: A minute dose is taken to reduce anxiety levels. It can be taken every 2-3 days.
  • Trip level 1: It is a buzz that feels similar to being high on weed.
  • Trip level 2: A buzz higher than level 1, coupled with minor visual and auditory hallucinations.
  • Trip level 3: This is a total psychedelic trip with visual patterns of hallucinations and higher auditory hallucinations.
  • Trip level 4 and 5: A level where logic and reality disappears the psychedelic effect intensifies. Coupled with higher emotions and sensitivity.
  • Easly available on doobdashers.


The mushrooms are used in the same manner as the blue meanies, but their buzz is more mellow and is described as much more soothing and stable than the blue meanies. These amazing dried mushrooms are available on doobdahsers, and luckily in bulk.


The Doob dasher are providing a variety of mushrooms; the amazonian mushrooms are for $124 a bulk. It is known for a more subtle buzz and psychedelic effects. The level 5 intensifies when the psychedelic effect ends. The trip levels are also 6, starting from 0 and ending at 5.


These yellow texas caps are the Doob dasher favorite exclusives. Available only for $40. They have no trip ranges. It gives pure psychedelic effects.


Try these mushrooms by Doob dasher, don’t miss out on a trip to a whole new realm. Buy now. Get your hand on the different varieties of mushrooms and change your perspective of psychedelics.

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