The interest in the cannabis weed known as Pink Kush has grown in the past few years. Astropink has been well-known not only for its unique colour but also for its exceptional performance and impressive results from BMWO


Astro pink is a popular hybrid weed variety popular in California, the Pacific Northwest and throughout Canada. Astro pink, as an Indica-dominant combination, Astro pink comprises of just 10% Sativa and 90% indica. Astro Pink’s distinctive presence is a characteristic often noticed by weed enthusiasts, commonly referred to as “gorgeous.”


The scent of Astro pink is usually described as tropical, with traces of citrus and oak, often with traces of berries. Although the smell of Astro pink is very pleasant, the flavour is most frequently the earthy taste of skunk.


Being an Indica-dominant strain with extremely high THC rates, the structure of Astro Pink specifically indicates its powerful impact. It is no surprise that it produces a very impressive high body impact.

The results are mainly perceived as a deep feeling of relief. Many users of BMWO, one of the best online dispensary, record feelings of upliftment, joy, and high euphoria with a stronger sense of imagination after using this strain.

Nonetheless, Astro pink consumers experience a sense of lightness, as though they were floating in their euphoria. As a potent blow, it’s worth remembering that Pink Kush’s impact will last up to 3 to 5 hours.


Pink Kush has been mentioned by several users as a very useful medical aid. It is very popular to alleviate discomfort, pain and anxiety; however, research also indicates that Astro pink high strength is successful in minimizing even the most extreme pain and aches.

Many Users of BMWO, one of the best online dispensary, also say that it is very beneficial to reduce inflammation.


Pink Kush is an outstanding variety with a unique, appealing look, a wonderful fragrance and a remarkably good taste. The high potency and strength ensure that it is a variety that can be experienced by cannabis enthusiasts and tested by those who want something special. So why are you waiting now? Visit BMWO, one of the best online dispensary, and order now Astro pink and start enjoying the exceptional performance and impressive results.

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