Wedding Cake

Wedding cake strains an optimal mix between two hybrid parents, making it the best option for a celebration or a relaxed night.

It is well known for its taste like fruit and sweet sugary wedding cake. That is the original purpose of its makers, and that is just one of the reasons why this is so common today.


Due to it’s its strong genetics combination, Wedding Cake is one of the most popular varieties of cannabis in 2020. Ganja Express Wedding Cake has an outstanding genetic background and is ideal for evening use when you wind down or relax after a long day of work without sedation. The strain of Wedding Cake is created by Girl Scout cookies and the strain of the Cherry Pie.


Ganja Express Wedding Cake causes a strong euphoric head that gives you a feeling of peace and happiness. Its high is profoundly calming. It kneads the muscles and reduces the tightness of the limbs. In this way, users will work like a well-oiled machine; increase productivity in performing activities. This often boosts the attitude, putting people in a happier spot because it decreases the worries and issues.


The fragrance of Wedding Cake becomes clear from the first sniff. It produces hints of earth and pepper with a strong vanilla fragrance that improves the overall aroma.

Ganja Express Wedding Cake produces a dramatic spiciness of pepper when consumed.

This disappears instantly as it takes over with an earthier undertone. The smoke that swirls into the mouth produces the vanilla tastes. It leaves a sweet aftertaste on the exhalation.


Ganja Express Wedding Cake is an outstanding leisure cannabis strain. Its THC levels stimulate the brain and the body to raise the user and relax the body. However, the presence and subsequent impact of its psychoactive compounds also have a significant therapeutic value.

Ganja Express Wedding Cake can also reduce mild to moderate discomfort and injury. Ganja Express Wedding Cake recommended for conditions such as insomnia, persistent pain, mood swings, headaches, or migraines.


Ganja Express Wedding Cake is as delicious as it is enigmatic. Great for smoke, the properties blend well with indica and sativa parents. This strain is so successful that the initial breeders tend to want to hold it for themselves. If you are interested in trying this fantastic marijuana strain, then why are you waiting? Visit Ganja Express and order Wedding Cake and start, enjoying the feeling of peace and happiness. Ganja Express, the Best Cannabis dispensary for online order, is always here to help you. Ganja Express, the leading online dispensary, believes in the value of quality, and we deliver goods from the best resources and always ensure to our customers that they’re getting the best cannabis weed variety. Welcome to Ganja Express cannabis wonderland.

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