Vape Liquid-Ease

Vape Liquid Ease is fundamentally a mixture of some alcohol or water, and VG or PG, just that the liquid contains some THC concentrate (CO2 extraction, Tincture, and Liquid THC). Budget Buds and Vape liquid-ease has been tested by two separate and independent labs to ensure accuracy in its certification of quality standards. This process also ensures that there are no heavy metals in the product, that might lead to long term poisoning. Before heating the product, to make your experience even better, can add some cannabis oil (preferably Rick Simpson oil) so long as you ensure to dilute the mixture before applying heat. The effects of this product as almost the same as the high that one would feel after smoking a strain with high THC levels, as it also has high THC levels. The likely effects upon vaping include: Drowsiness, Increased senses, Distortion of time, Increased Appetite, and Euphoria. The effects of this product also depend by large on a user’s body composition and metabolism.

Like any other cannabis product out there, this strain has its side effects. Since this product is made up of high THC levels, it also contains other compounds like CBN, CBD, and CBG. These cannabinoids help to inhibit some of the effects of THC and therefore, make vaping an experience. Without these additional compounds, high THC levels on its own can cause very dire effects like vomiting, paranoia, and unconsciousness. However, for some users, this strain still exhibits side effects like dry mouth.

This is the most inexpensive way to medicate yourself, and to make it even better, the product produces no noticeable smell, that might cause stigma with the use of the product. Since there is no smoke residue as a result of vaping, one can comfortably vape inside a residence. With this product, there is no more toking bongs or packing pipes!


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