Tips for first-time cannabis users

If you are smoking marijuana for the first time, you’ve already read the subject thousands of times. How does it feel? After you inhale, what will happen? How stoned will you get? Well, no two individuals have the same experience, which is cannabis beauty.

Here we discuss some tips for first-time cannabis users from BMWO

Drink Water before You Start

Dry mouth or cottonmouth is one of the most popular side effects of weed smoking. It’s a healthy way to rehydrate and keep your mouth moist from a glass of water. Because it’s going to be your first herb to smoke, you’d be sensible to smoke rather than smoke for hours.

Always remember when the symptoms of cannabis have been reduced in our body, it will return to normal, and the negative effects of the cottonmouth will be reduced.

Edibles, Concentrates or a Plain Joint

If this is your first encounter with weed, it’s better to continue with the little one and get a feel and know how your body responds to marijuana.

There are a number of smoking options available on the market, such as vapes, bongs, joints, pipes, and other products. If you start a joint for the first time you keep it simple and start with your friend.

Don’t try rolling it yourself; you’re probably going to do it wrong. It is necessary to be mindful that marijuana does not harm you instantly. This normally takes at least a couple of minutes for kick-in effects. The duration of the effects to be treated and their severity differs based on the strength of the specific strain you consume.

Don’t Smoke Alone

It’s not a smart idea to try cannabis weed alone for the first time if you don’t realize how it impacts you. It is advisable to have someone who has cannabis experience and that you know and trust.  Your friend helps to keep you relax if you feel high or overloaded by the impacts. They will also hopefully be able to tell you when you, too, had enough so that the first time you will not over-indulge.

Once you have more smoking practise and realize that it affects you and even understands your shortcomings, you will find yourself more relaxed. Try to make your weed as enjoyable as possible for the first time.

Hopefully, your first smoking weed will be memorable for all the right reasons by following these tips above. Try to keep your experience as light-hearted, fun and relaxed. Before or during smoking, consume lots of tea. Choose some desired music to listen to create the right atmosphere for the occasion. All these friendly tips brought to you by BMWO

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