Slurricane is a powerful 60/40 Indicia blend, the perfect option for those who want the excellent taste and an intense Kush. Slurricane creates a massive euphoric head with a chubby body pulse that leaves you couch-locked for the night. It’s the right effort to enjoy a long night with friends or watch a nice show.


The Buy My Weed Online strain of Slurricane was produced by In House Genetics from an influenced Do-Si-Dos cross with Purple Punch. The strain is delicious and will encourage anyone to try it out, and it’s because the strain can surpass THC amounts by up to 28 percent. It’s not a novice strain, of course; it’s a perfect option for experienced users.


Your tolerance will mostly decide this incredible strain; nevertheless, people tend to enjoy this traditional high roller coaster hybrid. At first, there might be a rash of euphoria in mind, frequently followed by a series of tingles from the back of the head to the toes. Right after you thought you couldn’t be happier; the real effects are starting to kick in. Many people say that Slurricane offers them good sedation, which often leads to sleep, so it’s better to use this potent strain in the evening or night.

The Slurricane Super-high THC consistency makes things a little bit harder for most newbie’s. This strain will be a fantastic for experienced users who have a better sense of resistance.


The Slurricane scent cannot be overlooked. It’s an incredibly fruity scent, much of the profile being berry and herbs. There is a rather intense presence of salty, earthy sounds. It’s a tempting smell that everyone would like to experience.


It’s perfect for helping those who have any tension, anxieties, and nervousness. Slurricane is a pleasant, cheerful smoke and thus a healthier solution to distressed people.

The remedy of chronic headaches and migraines is another medical use. It is better than the usual strain and has been effectively used for cerebral relief, combined with a creative and cheerful release, to make you more comfortable.


Buy My Weed Online Slurricane is a stunningly powerful coaster of vivid magical upliftment that will raise your minds and maximize your satisfaction. If you’re eager to try this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit, one of the leading online dispensary and order now Slurricane and start enjoying awesome results.

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