Guava Gelato

BMWO Guava Gelato is a gelato variant of Sherbinksky. This genetic variant of the Gelato family produces a special terpene profile firmly rooted in rich, tropical aromas with vivid tastes of hops and pina colada.


It is a very unique and popular gelato type created by Sherbinkski. This variety, which holds Gelato origins, is renowned for its dessert-like fragrance. However, with parents Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, this cannabis strain is very healthy, but it is more reflective of the initial Gelato. Guava Gelato has delicious tropical flavors with pleasant, relaxing effects, which is ideal for discomfort and anxiety.


Gelato hits fast, so, with up to 20 to 25% THC, beginner and first-time users may want to consume a limited amount. In no time, the results of Guava Gelato begin with a rapid head-high, result in physical relief.

Many experienced users with strong resistance indicated that, as soon as the first inhalation of Guava Gelato, the head-rush sets in, Guava Gelato is a potent strain that may freeze you in your tracks.

Guava Gelato high activates the mind, which gives high Euphoria and joy, which increases user creativity. Users will soon experience extreme relaxation, so don’t be fooled by common Sativa effects. Many of, the leading online dispensary clients prefer this strain to daytime smoking, as the sedative impact doesn’t strike them as fast.


Guava Gelato buds do not differ physically from pure Gelato buds. They have medium-sized nugs in colors from green to purple. These thick buds are lined with crystal trichomes and wrapped with the bright orange hair that brings brightness and contrast to the flower.

The aroma of such flowers is the prime reason why Guava Gelato has received a difference from the rest of the market. The fragrance of this bud is exceptional and unique, as it includes scents of pina colada combined with fluffy tropical fruits. Many clients of BMWO , one of the leading online dispensary, identified its aroma as a strong hoppy fragrance. The flavor is very close to its aroma, as one user called it “pina colada with hops.”


The results of this strain are no different from those given by Gelato itself. This offers an uplifting influence at the start of the high that is guaranteed to carry emotions of happiness and euphoria into the head.

BMWO Guava Gelato is also utilized for people who wish to strengthen their concentration in order to fulfill a to-do list.

BMWO Guava Gelato is the best cure for aches and pains that come from persistent pain.

BMWO Guava Gelato ideal for those who are suffering from fatigue, insomnia, and gastrointestinal problems.


BMWO Guava Gelato is the best option for you if you have severe pain and need a strong boost in energy.

The heightened emotional height of BMWO Guava Gelato provides immediate relief from psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety. Do you want to try the Guava Gelato? Visit, the best online dispensary shop, and order now Guava Gelato and start experiencing the strong Euphoria results, which improve your creativity.

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